The Messenger – April 2022

Dear Church Family and Friends,

As we continue in this season of Lent, we are given the opportunity to celebrate Easter’s Grace by gathering together in worship on each and every Sunday. I pray all of you will invite family and friends to join us on “Palm Sunday”, our “Maundy Thursday” service, “Sunrise service” [...]

The Messenger – March 2022

Dear Church Family & Friends,

As I write this letter, March is almost here! If you’re like me, you are ready for warmer weather. I always look forward to March, its warmer weather, and as in many years’ past, Bonne and I take a few weeks’ vacation and head south to spend some time with [...]

The Messenger – February 2022

Dear Church family and friends.

With so much division that seems to be happening in our country today. People not knowing what to believe or even what to do, because it seems our leaders and what we hear and see in the news media all seem to have differing opinions about what is happening [...]

The Messenger – January 2022

Dear Church Family and Friends,

A New Year, another beginning, a fresh start. More opportunities to grow closer to God. More chances to be the person God created you to be. More ways to serve those around you.

If you’re like me, it’s often hard to know where to begin making changes. Whether you have [...]

The Messenger – December 2021

Dear Church Family and Friends,

This Advent season our theme is “Faith over Fear”. It seems that ever since the start of the pandemic, people have lived in fear. They have let their fear drive every decision they make in their lives. They are constantly looking for a sign that it will come to [...]