The Messenger – February 2023

Dear Friends and Family,

February is here and I think one of the things that most people look forward to in February is Valentine’s Day. And when we think of Valentine’s Day, we equate it to the giving of gifts to those we love. We send cards or text messages. Give small gifts [...]

The Messenger – January 2023

Dear Church Family & Friends,

Happy New Year! Another beginning! A fresh start! Many of us will start the new year making a New Year’s resolution. So as Christians we need to recognize we have more opportunities to grow closer to God. More chances to be the person he created you to be. More [...]

The Messenger – December 2022


Dear Church Family & Friends,

How can it be Christmas season already? It seems like only yesterday when I was writing to you at this at the time of year and so much has happened since last Christmas that it’s hard to believe God could bless us so much in such a short time.


The Messenger – November 2022

Dear Church Family & Friends,

The last few months were full of decisions. As most of you know my plans for October were to take some time off so I could enjoy and celebrate the marriage of my daughter and time with family and friends. Also to take time off for my [...]

The Messenger – October 2022

Dear Church Family & Friends,

If you spend any time at all watching television or pretty much any of the social media outlets this month you will be bombarded by political ads.

And we all know that when political candidates run for office, the media is relentless in comparing what they say with past facts [...]