The Messenger – January 2022

Dear Church Family and Friends,

A New Year, another beginning, a fresh start. More opportunities to grow closer to God. More chances to be the person God created you to be. More ways to serve those around you.

If you’re like me, it’s often hard to know where to begin making changes. Whether you have [...]

The Messenger – December 2021

Dear Church Family and Friends,

This Advent season our theme is “Faith over Fear”. It seems that ever since the start of the pandemic, people have lived in fear. They have let their fear drive every decision they make in their lives. They are constantly looking for a sign that it will come to [...]

The Messenger – November 2021

Dear Church Family & Friends,

November is here, and before you know it Christmas will be at our doorstep. And if you are like me too often, I wait till the last moment to do my shopping. Our time of giving and receiving gifts, is way, too often, stressful. And with all that’s happening [...]

The Messenger – October 2021

Dear Church Family and Friends,

October arrives, and as many of you are preparing to head to your warmer weather homes, to avoid the harshness of our winters, I would like you to know

we will, most certainly, miss your presents with us, in worshiping and in witnessing for Christ as a church family. My [...]

The Messenger – September 2021

Dear Church Family and Friends,

In my morning devotions, I was reading 2 Peter and I believe this little letter, written to the Christians of his day, could have as easily been written to us. His purpose in writing this letter was threefold. In chapter 1 he wrote to stimulate Christian growth. In chapter [...]