The Messenger – February 2020

From The Pastor’s Desk…..

Dear Church Family,

It seems every February cold weather gets me down. It seems to last forever, and it’s hard to believe there’s anything living beneath the ice and snowy surface. But there is, of course, as the beauty of spring will eventually remind us. Ice and snow will melt, tender shoots will break from the ground, and buds will blush with new color on the branches. But for now, we must wait.

Our spiritual life is often the same way. Many times, we can’t see beyond the spiritual season of winter in which sometimes we find ourselves. We feel lifeless, flat, bored, and uninterested in spending time with God, in prayer and Bible study. We crave distractions, food, TV, social media, shopping, on and on, and try to fulfill our hunger for God with fast fixes that will never satisfy.

This is when we must remember that spring will come. In Roman 8: 37, Paul reminds us that, “We are more than conquerors through him who loved us.”

We just need to keep the faith, remembering all that God has done for us, even if we don’t feel connected to Him. During these times, especially during this winter season, we must remember that

God’s love is constant. It does not waiver, increase or decrease based on our feelings.

We will get through these winter seasons; these struggles as sure as spring will bring green new life. God has already planted His new life within each of us who believe. For “we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.”

In His Service,

Pastor Joe


Sunday School – 8:15 AM in the Community Building

Choir Practice Every Thursday at 1:00pm

Evening Bible Study – Postponed Until Further Notice

You may reach Pastor Joe at 570-465-7303 or his cell #570-267-4570

Every Thursday Pastor Joe will be at the church from 2-4pm if you need him


Thursday, February 13th – Presbyterian Women meeting 11am in the Community Building

Monday, February 17th – President’s Day

Wednesday, February 19th – Men’s Action Group meeting 8am in the Community Building

Thursday, February 20th – Session Meeting 2pm in the Community Building

Sunday, February 23rd – Transfiguration Of Our Lord

Tuesday, February 25th – Newletter Deadline

Wednesday, February 26th – Ash Wednesday

Saturday, February 29 – Leap Day


Noel Giving – we received donations totaling $880. Thank you to all who donated.

Mission for “Souper Bowl” – collection of non perishable food items ends Sunday, February 2nd.

Prayer Shawls – If anyone knows of someone in need of a prayer shawl, please let Carolyn White know. Two were given recently.

Presbyterian Women are collecting empty plastic medicine or vitamin bottles that will be sent to Haiti for individuals receiving medication at health centers. Many times that have no containers for their medications.   Please wash and remove all labels. Please give to Linda Rood.


This month has been a series of ups and downs for our friends in Kenya. For the past two months, our “Money gram” program and “Western Union” money transfer programs have been rejected, so we transferred  funds by bank transfer. But that had a very high overhead rate. But that was successful  But on the positive side, The funds we sent were used for; $200 for school fees, $100 repair toilets, water pump, electric bill, $100 food items. They have been eating food from their “farm” projects, including poultry, fish, and vegetables. These are all projects associated with their school. This has been a special blessing socially,economically, and spiritually. These effects are felt through their family, village,  and mission work. Special THANK YOU and a special invitation to have someone from your church family to visit and see their successes. In the meantime, Julia Khombe, Silvanus’ wife, has been able to spend time in Uganda to attend a christian conference to help christians and help local pastors. She has been my correspondent when Rev. Malaho has had Malaria setback. But then this week, we tried to send monthly funds through Western Union, but funds were denied again and we are looking for money transfer program. Throughout all the changes, they are always very thankful for our prayers and support to help them to help themselves.     By Jim Kessler

 Men’s Action Group ***For help with small projects for church family and neighborhood, please call Pastor Joe Travis at #570-465-7303 or email him at



Loose Change Offerings ( coins and bills)

1st Sunday – Local Missions

2nd Sunday – General Fund

3rd Sunday – Kenya/Rev. Malaho

4th Sunday – General Fund

5th Sunday – Trehab Local Food Bank (whenever there is a 5th Sunday)


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