Franklin Hill’s Mission Funds

On Going Missions:

Local Mission:

Local mission helps those in need within the church and community with household expenses during hard times.  For example, the church has helped with fuel for heat, doctor visits and medicine, etc.  Share is also part of the local mission under the church’s hungry program.  Food cards are given each month to people in need.

African Fund:

Money is sent each month to Reverend Malaho in Kenya for his ministry.  Money is used for food, medicine, schooling, ect.

Yearly Missions:

Souper Bowl

Food items and money to purchase food card is collected during January for families in need and given out at Super Bowl time.

Children’s Home

This mission is known as “Bill’s Kids”.  Money collected goes to the children’s home in Binghamton, NY, to help purchase Christmas presents for the residents.

Care Net

This mission is know as “The Baby Bottle Campaign”.  Money collected goes to Care Net in Montrose.  This is done around the time of Mother’s Day.


The Congregation is asked to bring dessert items that will help fill food baskets given out by Trehab at Thanksgiving.

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