The Messenger – March 2019

Dear Church Family,


March is here! The hope of warmer weather, but also the concern of more rain, something of which we seemed to have had too much of, already this year. It seems that every month lately I have had to battle with a new issue, because of too much rain or snow. Because of this, it defiantly has put a hamper on the joy I normally get in the hope of spring!

So to regain that hope, God put upon my heart to once again read the account of Noah, found in Genesis 6-9. So I did, and decided to make a list of things we need to learn from Noah and bring hope of the spring, hope of new life, back into focus.

  1. Don’t miss the boat

  2. Were all in the same boat.

  3. Plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.

  4. Stay fit. When your 600 years old, someone may ask you to so something big!

  5. Don’t listen to critics; just do the job that needs to be done.

  6. Build your future on high ground.

  7. For safety’s sake, travel in pairs.

  8. Speed isn’t always an advantage. The snails were on board with the cheetahs.

  9. When you’re stressed, float awhile.

     10. Remember, the Ark was built by amateurs, the Titanic by professionals.

  1. Most important, no matter the storm, when you are with God there’s always a rainbow waiting.

There’s always Hope and the Promise of Salvation through Christ! 
In His Service,
Pastor Joe


Sunday School – 8:15 AM in the Community Building

Choir Practice Every Thursday at 1:00pm

Evening Bible Study – Postponed Until Further Notice

You may reach Pastor Joe at 570-465-7303 or his cell #570-267-4570

Every Thursday Pastor Joe will be at the church from 2-4pm if you need him

Friday, March 1st – World Day of Prayer

Sunday, March 3rd – Transfiguration of Our Lord

Wednesday, March 6th – Ash Wednesday

Sunday, March 10th – First Sunday in Lent

Sunday, March 10th – Daylight Savings Time Begins

Thursday, March 14th – Presbyterian Women Meeting – 11am

Sunday, March 17th – Second Sunday in Lent

Wednesday, March 20th – First Day of Spring

Wednesday, March 20th – Men’s Action Group Meeting – 8am

Thursday, March 21 – Session Meeting

Sunday, March 24th – Third Sunday in Lent

Tuesday, March 26th – Newsletter Deadline

Sunday, March 31st – Fourth Sunday in Lent

Thank you to all who donated to the Souper Bowl…We received 70 food items and $465.00!

Men’s Action Group ***For help with small projects for church family and neighborhood, please call Pastor Joe Travis at #570-465-7303 or email him at

Prayer Shawls – If anyone knows of someone in need of a prayer shawl, please let Carolyn White know.

Presbyterian Women…Thirteen women of the church met on Valentine’s Day and were surprised with favors made by several of the members. A possible trip to Sight and Sound, Lancaster was discussed. Various methods of transportation are being investigated.

A Women’s Retreat is being held at The Loft April 5 to 7. The theme this year is BEYOUtiful! More details to come and Bonne needs to know by March 24.

Discussion continues about the spring rummage sale, which is going to be re-named, as we will no longer use the Old Hall building. Instead the focus will be on the soup luncheon and bake sale and possibly some craft items. If anyone has any thoughts on this, we would be more than happy to hear them.

The banquet for females of all ages, Ladies’ Spring Banquet, will be held May 13 at 6:00 with God Rocks being the theme and Peggy Walker as the speaker. Please bring a dish to share, invite a friend and come prepared to be blessed.

There is still plenty of room for more prayers, concerns, helpers, seekers, and of course giggles – so when Thursday March 14 rolls around – we won’t roll out the red carpet, but be prepared for some hugs when you come through the door of the Community Building before 11:00.

Kenya Mission…February has been a difficult month for Kenya. The beginning of the month has been very hot, dry and dusty. Malaria and the flu were rampant with 8 children from his house being down with Malaria plus Rev. Malaho had been barely able to get out of bed himself. They have someone, including the children, taking care of their poultry project. With 30 newly hatched chicks, their flock is up to 180 birds. They were able to harvest and eat 8 grown birds.  The following week, health was better but they lost 30 new chicks due to being lost to predators in the “bush”. The weather is very dry but they are very thankful for the borehole (well) that we funded for their use. The following week he reported that a short thunderstorm knocked out the pump for their borehole and they need to carry water for miles. So the last week, all children are in good health and we sent monthly funds so they could get the water pump properly repaired. They are still hoping to build a chicken house to protect their poultry flock They are always very appreciative of the prayers and the funds that we sent them. By Jim Kessler


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