The Messenger – April 2019

From The Pastor’s Desk…..

Dear Church Family,

As April arrives many of us take to spring cleaning. It becomes a time of deciding what treasures we should hold on to and which ones to let go. In my morning devotions I was reading in Matthew 6:21 where Jesus helps us in this process. He states, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

If someone asked you what the most important thing to you was, what would your answer be? Sometimes we may say one thing is our main priority, but our choices and actions and attitudes prove otherwise. So, give yourself the “T” test to see where your real treasure lies.

Think- what do you think about most? In Proverbs 23:7 (NKJV) we read, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

Talk-what do you talk about most? In Luke 6:45 we learn, “out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.”

Time-what do you spend the most time doing? No matter how busy you are, you will always make time for it.

Trust-What do you put your faith in? If you lost it, you would be devastated. Proverbs 4:23 tells us to “guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life.” In other words, keep watch over what you set your heart on, because what you do with your life is a result of what flows out of your heart.

Jesus is the Master Heart Surgeon. He can help you remove or add whatever is necessary in order for your heart to be wholly set on Him. Just ask Him!

This April, before you start your spring cleaning, take the “T” test. I’m positive it will help you in deciding what treasures to keep.

In His Service,

Pastor Joe



Sunday School – 8:15 AM in the Community Building

Choir Practice Every Thursday at 1:00pm

Evening Bible Study – Postponed Until Further Notice

You may reach Pastor Joe at 570-465-7303 or his cell #570-267-4570

Every Thursday Pastor Joe will be at the church from 2-4pm if you need him


Saturday, April 6th – Clean Up Day at church – 9am

Sunday, April 7th – Fifth Sunday in Lent

Thursday, April 11th – Presbyterian Women Meeting – 11am

Sunday, April 14th – Palm Sunday

Wednesday, April 17th – Men’s Action Group Meeting – 8am

Thursday, April 18th – Maundy Thursday – Worship Service at Franklin Forks Methodist Church 7pm

Friday, April 19th – Good Friday

Sunday, April 21st – Happy Easter! Sunrise Service at the home of Bill & Carolyn White at 7:30am  Breakfast in the Community Building at 8am, Worship Service 9:30am

Thursday, April 25th – Session Meeting – 2pm in the Community

Tuesday, April 30th – Newsletter Deadline


Anyone wishing to purchase a $10 Easter Plant (Tulip, Daffodil or Lily) in Memory or Honor of Loved Ones please fill out an envelope provided in the Vestibule. Deadline is April 7th!

If anyone is interested in joining the church - contact Pastor Joe. Two “Membership classes” are being scheduled in April.


One Great Hour Of Sharing is being collected from now until Easter! Envelopes are available or mark your envelope for that Mission.

Presbyterian Women…..Seven women met on March 14 to pray, share concerns, discuss projects, and upcoming events. Thanks to one of our members for doing a huge sort and clean up of the Old Hall, as Rummage Sales as we knew them are undergoing many changes. Since this is going to take some new thoughts and planning, no rummage or bake and soup sale is scheduled for this spring. However, in the fall, (probably October) look for a new adventure as well as a return of the scrumptious soup sale and more.Many of the women of this group sew and have been looking for something where their projects could be shared with others. The director at Meals on Wheels was contacted about making placemats to be given to those who receive meals. The washable mats would be delivered along with the meals. The county serves about 150 meals a week and the county is divided into 5 centers. The group has to decide if they will try to reach the entire county or just one or two centers. It depends on the number of workers and how often folks should receive a new mat. The patterns for these mats will be simple, but it’s the hope that they can be colorful and cheerful – not necessarily seasonal – just something to add a nice touch to the meal and make a person smile. SO, if you SEW, bring your machine, and fabric from your stash, and you know the rest of the drill…… for those who don’t sew, cutting and pressing is essential, sorting fabrics, and of course, if you have some wonderful recipe that needs to be tested, . . . . well then, you have found your testers for sure! If you would rather do a lap quilt, Meadow View has a need for those, and Paula Clemens has several ideas for us too. As we get organized, we will “fine tune” all of this! It was decided to meet the first Tuesday of each month beginning at 8:30, or whenever you can arrive. This will not conflict with the regular ladies’ meeting on the second Thursday of each month, or Session meeting. Any questions – call or email Rose Jones or Joyce Printz. Carolyn White and Gwenn Pope are doing the favors for the Ladies Spring Banquet which will be held on Monday May 13 at 6:00pm. Bring some family and or friends, a dish to share, and plan to be blessed by the speaker, Peggy Walker whose theme is, God Rocks.  We welcome all women from the church and community – Looking forward to seeing you soon.

News from Kenya; They are having very very dry and dusty and hot conditions. Life has been made better because of the electrified bore hole , (water well) that supplies them with abundant, clean water. They can clean, bath and drink abundantly. Rev. Malaho always offers generous “Thank You”s. But they had no funds to pay electric bill, so we sent them early funding so their water would not be cut off. Funds this month were used as follows; $85 electric bill,    $115 food stuffs,  $80 medication,    50 school supplies,  $50 poultry,  $20 local travel.  Total = $400.  Their hens have hatched more chicks, bringing their flock to 270 birds. They are still challenged to safeguard the birds with a poultry house. We can offer prayers for some sort of security for their birds.A major obstacle is that Rev. Malaho suffers with intermittent symptoms of both malaria and pneumonia. This saps his strength and energy, but not his devotion to his extended family and students.   by Jim Kessler (See photo on bulletin board in vestibule)

Men’s Action Group ***For help with small projects for church family and neighborhood, please call Pastor Joe Travis at #570-465-7303 or email him at

Prayer Shawls – If anyone knows of someone in need of a prayer shawl, please let Carolyn White know.

Loose Change Offerings ( coins and bills)

1st Sunday – Local Missions

2nd Sunday – Local Missions

3rd Sunday – Kenya/Rev. Malaho

4th Sunday – Community Building

5th Sunday – Trehab Local Food Bank (whenever there is a 5th Sunday)

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