The Messenger – November 2019

From The Pastor’s Desk…..

Dear Church Family,

Last week in my message I ask you to take a Selfie, and in my studies for that message I remembered when Jesus did. In Matthew 16: 13 & 15 we read. “When Jesus came to the region of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, “Who do people say the Son of Man is?” “But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?”

When I was a kid taking a trip in the car, we use to give a few clues to play, guess who I am. But this was no game Jesus was playing with his disciples.

The first question got the disciples thinking about what the people and their friends were saying. Perhaps He was a servant of Beelzebub (Matthew 17: 24), maybe merely the carpenter’s son Matthew 13:55), or as the demons said, the Son of God (Matthew 8:29).

The second question was more than hearsay. Who do you say I am? As personal as it gets those closest to Jesus knew what was being said about Him, but had they figured out whom He really was for themselves? The deep, penetrating eyes of Jesus come to rest on Simon, and of this one man he asked. “Who do you say I am” Peter? Peter responds, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God. (Matthew 16:16.)

“The truth is, it matters not who people say Jesus is, but it is a life and death matter who you say He is. How did Peter come to his amazing conclusion? From hanging around Jesus; from the mouth of the Father, whispered in his ear; or from the nudges of the Holy Spirit. The Message translation cleverly states; “You didn’t get that answer out of books or from teachers. My Father in Heaven, God himself, lets you in on this secret of who I really am,” (Matthew 16:17.)

Today the question still hangs in the air, Who Am I? If you can answer as Peter did, rejoice and point your friends to the Father. If not, go straight to God. He’ll let you in on the secret.

In His Service,

Pastor Joe


Sunday School – 8:15 AM in the Community Building

Choir Practice Every Thursday at 1:00pm

Evening Bible Study – Postponed Until Further Notice

You may reach Pastor Joe at 570-465-7303 or his cell #570-267-4570

Every Thursday Pastor Joe will be at the church from 2-4pm if you need him


Friday, November 1st – All Saint’s Day

Sunday, November 3rd – Daylights Savings Time Ends

Monday, November 11th – Veteran’s Day

Thursday, November 14th – Presbyterian Women Meeting – 11am

Wednesday, November 20th – Men’s Action Group Meeting – 8am

Thursday, November 21st – Session Meeting – 2pm in the Community Building

Sunday, November 24th – Christ The King Sunday

Tuesday, November 26th – Newsletter Deadline

Thursday, November 28th – Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Sunday, December 1st – First Sunday in Advent


Poinsettias will be purchased again this year in Memory or in Honor of loved ones, so that we have for Sunday, December 15th – Watch for further details.


If anyone would like to put a Christmas Greeting in the December Newsletter, please email to Carolyn White, or give it to her in Church, by November 26th. Thank you!



Prayer Shawls – If anyone knows of someone in need of a prayer shawl, please let Carolyn White know.


Our Christmas for Bill’s Kids begins and will begin November 10th continue to Dec. 1st. Our friend and sometimes in our pulpit, Rev. Bill Townsend, used to be the Chaplin at the Children’s home in Binghamton. Many years ago, Ann Post came up with the idea of giving to these children at Christmas time and a tradition was begun and continues again this year.


Men’s Action Group ***For help with small projects for church family and neighborhood, please call Pastor Joe Travis at #570-465-7303 or email him at


Much has happened in Kenya, in the last month. We only have sketchy information. but this is what we know. Rev Malaho’s two daughters, Patricia, and Esther, were both in the hospital in Nairobi, Esther was in a vehicle accident and broke her arm. Patricia had a throat problem and operation. Julia, his wife went to Nairobi to help with the girls. Then Rev Malaho had ear and throat problems and needed to have an operation in Nairobi. He sold 75% of his poultry to pay bills. The last money that we sent was used; $150 medication, $150 food, $50 schools, $50 electricity and repair water pump. As of his last report they are experiencing healing and comfort, but they always need essential items. He is always very thankful for our prayers and whatever funds we can share with them.    By Jim Kessler


Loose Change Offerings ( coins and bills)

1st Sunday – Local Missions

2nd Sunday – Local Missions

3rd Sunday – Kenya/Rev. Malaho

4th Sunday – Community Building

5th Sunday – Trehab Local Food Bank (whenever there is a 5th Sunday)


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