Messenger – September 2023

Pastor’s Corner


What a difference a month makes! We are moving forward with a fresh, new beginning. Our denomination has overwhelmingly supported my leadership as your pastor and has set in place a plan to help us become the church that God has called us to be. I want to thank all of [...]

Messenger – August 2023

Pastor’s Corner


Today, I sat down to write and thought about the last article I wrote for The Messenger.

 I mentioned that there would likely be storms that would come with new leadership, and the storms have come for sure. With every storm comes new challenges. How do we weather these [...]

Messenger – July 2023


Pastor’s Corner:

As I sat down to write, the warm weather reminded me that summer begins this month. What a wonderful time of year it is. The warm weather is a welcome change for so many, including me, and I am so thankful to all of you for your overwhelming support as your new [...]

Messenger – June 2023

Dear Church Family,

As most of you know, I believe the Lord has called me to step down as your pastor and that will most definitely lead to some changes in the leadership of this church. In the changes of our worship service and our relationship with each other and the surrounding community. Change is [...]

Messenger – May 2023

Dear friends and family,

Spring has arrived, and it seems as though there are hundreds of things that need to be done when the warm weather arrives. You know what I mean? All those jobs that need to be taken care of but have been put off due to inclement weather. Home repairs, gardens [...]